SAD House – Classic residential villa in the city

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The structure is a modern designed residential villa situated in riyadh city. The building has a minimal use of materials to make it look simple but classy and elegant. Providing open to below areas and large glass windows takes advantage not only of the outdoor view but also of the natural lighting. The design also provides outdoor spaces where the users can enjoy outdoor leisure and relax at the same time.

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Classic and elegant residential villa on the corner between party walls

This BIM project includes the following documentation in its model:
– Architecture: layout, implantation, plans, sections, elevations, ceiling plan. All architectural details.                                                                                                                – Carpentry: Carpentry sheets and carpentry details.
– Structural: Foundations and structural floors of all floors. All the structural details.
– MEP: All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical construction drawings and details.
– Architectural visualization: rendered images – four views –
– 3D model
– All the set of plans with their respective label.

* The detail of the itemized previously described is found on the fifth page of this publication, after the images.


Villa residencial clasica y elengante en esquina entre medianeras

Este proyecto BIM incluye en su modelo la siguiente documentación:
– Arquitectura: replanteo, implantación, plantas, secciones, alzados, planta de techos. Todos los detalles arquitectonicos.– Estructura: fundaciones y plantas estructurales de todos los pisos. Todos los detalles estructurales.                                – Carpinterias: Planillas de carpinterias y detalles de carpinterias.
– MEP: Todos los planos y detalles constuctivos de electricidad, plomería, y HVAC.– Visualizacion arquitectonica: imagenes renderizadas – cuatro vistas –
– Modelo 3D.
– El set de planos con su respectivo rótulo en orden.

*El detalle del inventario anteriormente descripto se encuentra detallado en la quinta hoja de esta publicación, luego de las imagenes.

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