Residential Building 4200 sqm


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Residential Building with 4200sqm

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The building plan: Ground floor is parking lot for cars in one section and in other is business section (shop, companies etc.).
From first to fourth and in attic is living area/apartments in different sizes and structures.
Apartments are from 32sqm to 90sqm

Bgrp of the first floor is 780sqm and the others also

4200 sqm
Plan consist of:
-Foundation plan not included (depend on your geological enovirment and specification)
-Situation plan
-Ground floor
-Elevation on ground floor
-First floor
-Second floor
-Third floor
-Fourth floor
-Attic floor
-No roof plan included (depend on your specification and materials)
-Section A-A
-Section B-B
-South and East look
-South and West look


PlansRS-(projektiRS) is an residential building company with 9 years of experience on field and architectural drawings. We are focused on 2d autocad residential building plans. Since than we have construct and build numerous objects and work on different projects. From highways, bridges, ground work for Electric Distribution of Serbia, warehouses to residential buildings, houses, weekend houses etc. My job is to lead the team of professional workers, manage the project, work with architects and construction engineers for successful projects. Do all the paperwork for construction site and bills. Drawing capability of warehouses, residential buildings, houses etc.

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