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  • Location: Córdoba, Spain

  • Area: 4004 m2

  • Year: 2016

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Located in a new area of urban expansion, this building has an extensive program that combines the uses of nursery school and primary school along with the services of a school (playground, sports courts, dining room, library, offices, etc.), guaranteeing thus, compliance with sectoral regulations.

The project has clear and objective lines, free from superfluous elements, where the careful relationship between solid and empty spac­es creates a pure composition and a symbiotic harmo­ny between the parts and the whole.

Likewise, the location of the building tries to respect the existence of archaeological remains, leaving the free spaces within the strip where the existence of the same is assumed. The treatment of the façade is in accordance with the use that houses the building, using live shades and breaking the continuous plane of the facades with projecting elements that throw the grateful shades in climates of the south of Europe. This resource is also repeated in outdoor spaces, creating covered areas that connect the different buildings that complement the program of use and also serve as play areas.

On the west side the main entrance is divided into two. One gives service to the nursery school and the other gives service to the primary school. However, the two are connected to each other by a corridor that serves common leaders in the ground floor. At the same time, the entrance to the primary school has generous proportions that communicate the interior of the building with the exterior spaces.

The bodies in the north and west part of the plot house the nursery and primary classrooms respectively. They connect through a corridor with the dining room and the gym. The distribution of the pieces make up the free spaces.

The different spaces of the project are designed to be autonomous, so they can be used for different purposes. This means the needs of the school will be met over time, as it will have some flexibility, and the building can be used by the community for a number of activities.

Project features

  • Architectural blueprint
  • Autodesk Revit 2019 file prepared for a great customization.
  • Revit family objects included in the project
  • Floor plants in 1: 300 scale
  • Sections and Elevations in 1: 300 scale
  • Isometric plan views

Download file

  • Architecture RVT 2019 file
  • PDF file with urban information, 19 pages
  • PDF file with basic project information, 5 pages
  • PDF file with full graphic documentation , 10 pages
  • JPG files of the project images, 3 images
  • DWG files, with full graphic documentation , 10 DWG files
  • Complete documentation included in folder

Important notes

The Projects do not have an architectural or engineering signature, and / or stamp-visa. You agree to consult the local official who can advise you if a review of the Projects is required by a licensed designer or engineer prior to the submission of the Projects for a construction permit.


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Change Log

  • Version 1.0.0
    • 3 JPG files
    • 1 RVT file
    • 10 DWG files
    • 3 PDF files

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The project will be a constantly evolving set of documents and models, and our goal is to do our best. We appreciate any comments you can make about what you would like to see in future updates, and also what you do not like.

Please send us a message directly if you have any questions.

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