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  • Ubicación: Saratov

  • Arquitectos Principales: Jose Luis Alvarez Fernandez

  • Área: 180.0 m2

  • Año Proyecto: 2017

  • Fotografías: Jose Luis Alvarez Fernandez

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This 90 years old project is as young as always with BIM

The project for four planned buildings was designed by Moisei Ginzburg with Ignaty Milinis in 1928. Only two were built, completed in 1932.

This apartment block, designed for high rank employees at the Commissariat of Finance (shortened to Narkomfin) was an opportunity for Ginzburg to try out many of the theories advanced by the Constructivist OSA group in the course of the 1920s on architectural form and communal living. The building is made from reinforced concrete and is set in a park. It originally consisted of a long block of apartments raised on pilotis (with a penthouse and roof garden), connected by an enclosed bridge to a smaller, glazed block of collective facilities.

As advertised by the architects, the apartments were to form an intervention into the everyday life (or byt) of the inhabitants. By offering Communal facilities such as kitchens, creches and laundry as part of the block, the tenants were encouraged into a more socialist and, by taking women out of their traditional roles, feminist way of life. The structure was thus to act as a ‘social condenser’ by including within it a library and gymnasium.

On the other hand, architects of the 1920s had to face the social reality of an overcrowded socialist city: any single-family apartment unit with more than one room would eventually be converted to a multi-family kommunalka. Apartments could retain the single-family status if, and only if, they were physically small and could not be partitioned to accommodate more than one family. Any single-level apartment could be partitioned; thus, the avant-garde community (notably, Ginzburg and Konstantin Melnikov) designed such model units, relying on vertical separation of bedroom (top level) and combined kitchen and living room (lower level). Ilya Golosov implemented these cells for his Collective House in Ivanovo, and Pavel Gofman for communal housing in Saratov. Ginzburg refined their cell design based on real-life experience.

Project features

  • Architectural blueprint
  • Revit file prepared for a great customization.
  • More than 45 objects included in the project
  • Sections and Elevations in 1: 100 scale
  • Proven structure calculations

Download file

  • 1 Architecture RVT file (v2) (100,9mb)

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Jose Luis Álvarez

My name is Jose Luis Álvarez, Master of Architecture and Master BIM Specialist (Building Information Modeling) methodology.

In my professional career I have worked for several firms, related to the design and execution of different building projects and competitions, also in the Retail sector.

Currently I am training in different fields and interested in opportunities related to the design of projects usign BIM at a national and international level.

Among my most notable achievements, I remark my experience in the STELMACH I PARTNERZY office, located in the city of Lublin, Poland. When I joined the studio in 2016, I was responsible for various tasks related to participation in various competitions, both in Poland and in other European countries.

During my stay, we obtained several accésits, as well as winning one of the contests, participating actively in them creating 3D models and renders. I love traveling and working in multicultural environments looking forward to a day being able to be a professional that develops in different countries. I speak English , obtaining the Cambridge Advanced Certificate (level C1 ), Portuguese ( close to my mother tongue Galician) and French at intermediate level (B1).

In these moments I am excited to get involved in a project in which I can add value and that allows me to grow professionally and personally. You can consult my CV and portfolio to know more about my profile and professional history.

Yours faithfully,

Jose Luis Álvarez

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