Minimalistic wooden cabin

700.00 595.00

  • Dimensions: 55m2
  • Sleeping capacity: Two persons
  • Weight: 25 ton
  • Windows Sliding windows from PanoramAH!, 6 units
  • Heating: Fireplace, floor heating
  • Floor: Durable, dry-pressed ceramic
  • Walls: 9 mm plywood with 3 mm wool felt
  • Number of screws: 10.000
Sold By George Harding
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A nature retreat designed down to the very last detail. A place with nature omnipresent and the landscape purposely framed. A setting containing all the necessities and nothing more. A unique space to unload and recharge.


‘We live in the city, but dream of the wild. This sentence was stuck in our heads. The dream was to build a livable design object we could place anywhere in the world.’

inside of the shelter

An industrial design object

The Shelter shelter is a finished product inspired by large volume objects such as submarines and aeroplanes. Design objects stripped of all unnecessary features.

Every screw serves a purpose

The outer steel grid contains 10.000 screws, and every single one of them serves a purpose. Function is key, and there is a necessity behind every detail.

Custom-made by Christophe Aubertin

The kitchen. The bath module. The lamps. Even the ladder to the mezzanine is made by Vipp. Enter the shelter and you enter the design universe of Vipp. From floor to ceiling

inside of the shelter


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