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Global Architect Program

The Global Architect is the world’s first online MBA that will show architects and designers on how to sell architecture online. It’s a continuous program that teaches all you need to open a studio, how to design and offer projects and build your architecture empire, everything ONLINE.

It’s not just another mass open online course but rather a carefully crafted experience where you will be taken on a journey in a small group of designers and mentors, who will care about your progress.

The goal of Global Architect is to help you:

  • do better design work, which is aligned with the business,

  • have more influence in your company by becoming fluent the language of executives,

  • and launch successful projects from scratch (or start your own venture one day).


“We use Stoor every week in our studio. In conjunction with other Design tools, Stoor gives us powerful ideas, concepts and actual methods to sell the projects we design. For us, the proof is watching orders, traffic and our revenue growth. Stoor provides something we cannot get anywhere else, yet is extremely easy to understand and use.”

Oriel Coronado, Founder at OC Architects | Barcelona, Spain

“My schedule is extremely busy during the week, so I was concerned about having enough time for d.MBA. But once the program started and I met my cohort, I was motivated and enjoyed investing the extra time on weekends to complete assignments. It is very easy to combine your daily work and doing the MBA at the same time

Sameer Patel, BIM Specialist | Chennai, India

“I have avoided online programs because of the lack of interaction but the MBA is on a different level. Quality of people in the program is really great and their level of engagement made a huge difference. We all contributed resources and shared feedback with each other. And what is more important, I run a client workshop a week after learning about it at the Global Architect! Incredible!

Alejandro Martinez, Think Design, Global Architect Alumni | Madrid, Spain

When I started researching how to start, I realized that digital marketing was quite unknown to me and that “I was missing something.” And that’s how I went to Stoor’s MBA by Googling and browsing and understood that being a Global Architect was what would change my business completely. As I progressed in the training I liked the most, I wanted to know more AND MORE! And it was just at that precise moment when I clicked my head and … I asked myself: Laura, why don’t you jump into the pool and apply everything you have learned to your own clients? And so it was, my entrepreneurial spirit was awakened thanks to this training that led me to go for all and apply everything necessary (AND MORE) with my own clients.

Laura Acosta, BIM Manager, entrepreneur | Gran Canaria, Spain.

Before the MBA, I had been in the marketing world for many years. I worked in many architecture studios where I saw the same situation repeat itself: all the potential that exists today in the digital world was wasted. Every day I thought about it and I felt very uncomfortable. I had the feeling that my role did not bring real value to the business and although I felt valued by my bosses, it was clear that there was a parallel world to which I still had no access. Working conditions were not a problem. I could live and travel comfortably without worrying about financial issues. I was in need of a place where my Professional Self could regain a new meaning. I discovered the true potential of having your own online studio.

Sonia Gil, Freelancer | Valencia Spain

If you want to play in the best leagues, you have to train with the best programs and with the great mentors: Global Architect MBA is one of them. The program has exceeded my expectations in a very short time and I am referring to the facts: I have increased my online studio billing “scandalously” and that has been the initial step so that, after completing the training, I have been able to fulfill one of my dreams: work to achieve my own goals and not the goals of others.

Ignacio Barrio, Architect | Mexico DF, Mexico.

I had been looking for marketing training for a long time to complement the technical service we provide in our architecture studio. I have to confess that I bought the Global Architect MBA with some insecurity. I was not entirely convinced if it was the right training to enhance my skills, even having analyzed its contents before buying it. Once I went through the course I realized that my vision was somewhat wrong: the MBA gave me the necessary tools to make my business known, reach clients who do not know me and, in turn, help them with their sales. Mastering Marketing and Sales is the key to any business and this course has helped me make that path easier.

Jessica Holmes, Architect | Milton, Keynes UK.

For me the projects of my clients feel like their own and that makes me maintain a continuous illusion working as a Global Architect. I am training while expanding my knowledge of Email Marketing and other methods of Effective Sales and I never tire of learning.

The latest clients have reached me without actively seeking them and I try to work with medium-high ticket clients.

Mauricio Salvador, Architect Consulting | Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When I entered the truth is that I thought that my process to dedicate myself exclusively to this would be somewhat longer but, I am happy to make this update here today.  I have total flexibility with my children’s work and schedules.

Stefano Rossi , Architect 3D Modeling | Zurich, Switzerland.

Join the Revolution

We think that Global Architect is going to change the way we think about architecture — bold statement we know, but so is this MBA.

Global Architect

Welcome to the Global Architect Program,

The Global Architect is the an online MBA that will show architects and designers how to sell architecture online.

It’s a program that teaches all you need to open a studio, how to design and offer projects and build your architecture empire, everything ONLINE.

The goal of Global Architect is:

  • launch successful projects from scratch (or start your own business one day).

  • help you create several flows of income selling architecture online.

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