Tel-Aviv Edition

Stoor’s workshop for architects arrives at Tel Aviv to offer Israeli architects tips and tools to expand their reach.

Tuesday 18 of February at Sosa Tel Aviv at 16:00
Address: Shoken St 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6653201, Israel

Traditional architecture is dying.

Smaller businesses can no longer rely on brick-and-mortar stores, as more customers take to their browsers over the street.

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay dominate the online commerce world.

Not to mention the thousands of other selling platforms worldwide.

That’s why you need to become a Global Architect.

As an online studio owner, you will learn new digital skill

that will make you a successful global architect


Go Global workshop

  • Orders and Payment Management
    • Exporting Orders
    • Setup Billing, Invoice and Payouts
  • Knowledge-Base
    • Basic principles of the Knowledge-base
    • Ask for help: Support and chat
  • Complete your portfolio
    • Listing a New Project
    • Updating, Drafting and Removing Projects
  • Building great projects
    • WordPress Backend
    • Adding iframe to Product Description
  • Measuring your audience
    • Google Analytics & Stoor
    • Support your Customers
    • Make a list of potential customers
    • How to send emails marketing
  • Studio Owner License FAQ
    • Understanding the License Basics
  • Promote your projects:
    • Marketing Basics
    • Free Projects Guide
    • Facebook/IG & Linkedin Ads


What other architects say about it


I was stucked on my daily boring job as a BIM Modeller in a small architecture firm, working a ton of hours from Monday to Saturday. I had no opportunity to grow until I learned how to publish my own projects and became my own boss.

Ruby Garza
– Copenhagen Edition –

It changed completely my mindset. I had no idea about marketing, or analytics or websites. Now I’m able to create new digital content, share it on social media, and find new customers in other countries. Highly Recommended!

Lana Munoz
– Madrid Edition –

I was well and quickly supported by the people who guided me through the challenge. They are very responsive and helpful with any issues and I sold my first project in just 60 days! Amazing!

Sean Ferguson
– Dublin Edition –